What’s Been Going Well?

What’s Been Going Well?


“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”

Tom Peters

We filed into the conference room for a two hour meeting about the results of our program audit. The results were not that positive. The director of the program rotated between sitting and standing as she hammered on us the importance of documentation, training and holding people accountable. She spent an hour and fifty-five minutes addressing a litany of things we were not doing well.

In the last five minutes of the meeting she paused and said, “but other than that, things are good.” I swallowed my urge to laugh (not so successfully, I’m afraid) as my mind latched on to the punchline, “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?”

It’s nearly impossible to expand employee morale if the majority of your meetings and conversations focus on what’s wrong. My director’s genuine pleasure with our work was incongruent with the amount of time she spent focused on problems.

Since that experience I vowed to start all meetings with the agenda item, “What’s been going well?” It accomplishes three important tasks:

  • Sets a positive tone for the meeting
  • Builds a culture of celebrating one another
  • Allows the meeting to start on time without the inevitable stragglers missing important information

You will see an amazing positive shift in the energy of your team and your meetings if you try this yourself. You have to commit to it for at least three months to really see the shift.

In the interest of celebration, I’d love to hear from you what’s been going well in your business. This is your chance to ignite your own spirit and to inspire others!