Triple Bottom Line Assessment

“Sustainability” is perhaps an overused buzzword nowadays, but we look at it as much more than a marketing gimmick. Sustainability is essential to any organization that wants its vision to survive in turbulent times. After that buzz wears off, it will remain as a standard for measuring what your organization does and how it does it.

The concept of sustainability is something of a paradox – simple and complex at the same time. You could look at it as merely running an organization in such a way that it will benefit future generations. However, closing the gap between the intent and practice of sustainability presents many strategic intricacies.

We like to use the tried and true Triple Bottom Line approach: measuring and increasing your organization’s benefit to people, planet, and profit. Many organizations will focus more upon one than the other, but all truly sustainable strategies must address and find balance for all three.


The core of any organization is its inner and outer community. Do you recognize the effect on the people you touch, be it on an individual or global scale? How will this effect change the future of your organization?


How does your organization affect the Earth? What will its operation look like in future generations? Far beyond the office recycling bin, it is crucial to consider your place on the Earth, and what that means to other generations, cultures, and organisms.


Often misinterpreted, profit is what keeps an organization going. What does profit mean to you? How does it fit with your dreams for People and Planet? Is your profit Sustainable?

The Triple Bottom Line strategy isn’t just about feeling good or being green, its about success for your organization at a very deep level. Its about leaving a legacy through actions.  We love working with sustainability because often it is easy to effectively address: just a matter of recognition, alignment, and integration into your organization’s culture and purpose.