Adjacent Next Strategic Planning

Breathe life into your strategy and your plans. Walk on the horizon line with us and crystallize the vision of your adjacent next.

IMG_0889We use the ‘backcasting’ technique in our strategic planning sessions. We start with the end in mind and work backwards. From the vantage point of your desired destination, we answer the question, “What steps do you need to accomplish to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be?”

Our sessions are alive with reality-exploding creativity, provocative questioning and clarity forming exercises. We help forge a strategic plan that balances the need for agility while preserving and capturing the essence of your company, keeping you distinctive from your competitors.

With Adjacent Consulting, you will strengthen the roots that nurtured your company to this point, then unfurl the wings that will transport you to your adjacent next. Each session creates a space where past, present and future converge, bringing into coherence the energy of your passion and the genius of your strategy.