Adjacent Leadership Course


Our development course builds a leadership surge that will carry your organization forward to your adjacent next. Every course is customized for the unique needs and situation of our clientIMG_0894, and is imbued with our signature focus on agility, emotional intelligence and deep level understanding of human motivation.

Learning matures over time, when classroom theories are put into practical action. To accommodate this, the Adjacent Leadership Course is a six or nine month program. Leadership students attend monthly learning sessions, monthly coaching sessions and complete monthly assignments that benefit the organization and allow students to practice new skills.

Leadership is personal. Every student starts the program with a comprehensive executive assessment which includes personality tests and a 360° evaluation. The self knowledge you glean from this assessment is the basis for all development work throughout the course. Students discover and own their personal values, their professional goals, their strengths, and their gaps. Your organization gains a highly skilled team of confident and courageous decision makers.

IMG_0952Nurturing the ability to lead, we help students grow and develop skills in the core areas of leadership: vision, strategy, and human connection. Our sessions are packed with the most recent research on leadership, exercises that will stretch minds, teach new skills, and provide thought provoking discussions to challenge the concepts of ‘business as usual’.

This learning platform unleashes a tidal wave of extra effort and innovative ideas in your company. Your leadership surge is within reach, longing to be released. Invite us to invest with you in developing your people.