The Gap Between the A’s

The Gap Between the A’s

Ice Crystal“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

Alan K. Simpson


I know someone who rides her bike nearly everywhere. She values protecting the environment and puts that value into action every single day. I work with someone who invests in developing her staff. She values people and puts that value into action with the resources available to her.

The ‘gap between the A’s’ is the space between your aspirational values and your actual practiced values. (I learned about this concept from my favorite author, Brene Brown!) Unless you are some deity or amazing superhero, there is always a gap between the two. We aren’t perfect. But the smaller the gap is, the more our spirits are ignited.

We abhor cognitive dissonance. We don’t like it when someone says one thing and then does the opposite. The news industry makes a living off of uncovering hypocritical politicians who espouse a value and then turn around and act in a way that is contrary to that value.

Lately, the news industry hasn’t had to search very hard to find examples of a lack of integrity. Our national spirit is withering in this environment where the gap between our A’s is so cavernous.

The goal of every leader is to be really clear about what values you hold most dear and then simply act out those values. Placing them on your walls or on your website isn’t enough. You have to actively live them. You have to know how you put those values into action.

What top three values drive your business? How do you put those values into action – daily, weekly/monthly and/or annually? Let us know if you would like a copy of our worksheet that can help you answer these questions.