Stories That Bind Us

Stories That Bind Us

IMG_0785“Storytelling is important. Part of human continuity.”

Robert Redford

I love listening to the stories of my family, whether they predate me or not. Although, being the youngest I do love to be the center of attention and so I prefer stories that involve me!

One of my favorite family stories is my mother’s memory of my grandmother’s funeral. Several priests recounted how my grandmother had paid for them to go to seminary and instructed them to never let anyone know about it.

Our family stories remind me that we value generosity and humility. We don’t put a list of values up on a family website or on some family crest, but we know what they are through the stories that bind us together.

Stories are powerful connectors. Just like families, businesses have stories that bind. We all thirst for stories that weave us into our place in our community. We love stories whether we are the founders of the company or the third generation of employees to join it.

At a recent facilitation, a three-year old company was already telling their stories of how they came into being. Employees, some who had just joined the company weeks earlier, were rapt by the stories of ghosts and natural disasters at their company’s offices.

What are your company stories? How do you keep your stories alive? Do you have routines where you share your stories with your colleagues? Ben and Jerry’s has a full time archivist to keep their stories alive.

Our spirits are ignited when we take our place in the long line that has gone before us and the hopefully long line that will come after us. Consider how you can help your team or your business connect through stories this week.