climbingWe believe purpose is integrally linked to leadership and culture.  You can immediately sense an organization that is tuned into its purpose.  People are engaged, motivated, and immersed in their collective big picture.  Our goal is to turn purpose into the glue that holds an organization together through any  turbulent environment.

Even the highest serving organizations can easily lose their sense of purpose in the hectic scramble of day-to-day business.  This can lead to an emotional fog of frustration, reduced efficiency, and ultimately the loss of key people and ideas.

Purpose is the key to developing an effective strategy and becomes the much-needed compass for reaching your goals. Clarity about your purpose frees your company to be flexible and agile.  When you are deeply rooted in “the why” of your work you can quickly pivot to stay on track.

Adjacent Consulting helps everyone in your organization be crystal clear about why they come in the door every day. We illuminate your organization’s reason for being, bringing fresh energy and focus in the process.  We believe you can’t pull into the current effectively unless you know where you want it to take you.

So, why did you go into your business? The answer to that is your purpose. It’s what underscores all values of an organization. Is your purpose to:

  • Provide jobs for its employees?
  • Earn profit for its shareholders?
  • Make the community a better place?
  • Feed the hungry?

It’s critical to know your purpose and be true to it.