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Are you leading your life or just waiting for what will happen next?  Leadership begins with you. It begins with everyone in your organization that has the will to make an effort.

Everyone is a leader.  An organization that does not make use of this fact is truly missing its full potential.  Modern, effective leadership is a far cry from the ‘classic hierarchy’ of the past.  Successful organizations know that when curiosity replaces control, and collaboration replaces ‘win or lose,’ remarkable things happen.  Adjacent Consulting will take you there, lighting up leadership at all levels and turning barriers to gateways within and between your teams.


  • Set the tone for the team
  • Communicate the important values for the team to observe
  • Hold the team accountable for what they say they are going to do
  • Create and maintain rituals that bind the group together
  • Set the example for the team
  • Look out for the best interest of team members
  • Help team members learn valuable lessons
  • Invest in the education and development of team members
  • Settle issues between the members

The Adjacent Leadership Course

Build a leadership surge in your organization. Our six-month Adjacent Leadership course helps participants recognize leadership qualities within themselves and see how they interact with others at a deep level.