Getting Playful!

Getting Playful!

Playful-kittens“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


I could have easily quoted Jimminy Cricket for this post as well, “Just whistle while you work!” Our spirits come alive while we are playful. We experience light-hearted euphoria – dancing around the office or breaking into a chorus of song or spontaneously racing down the hallway on our roller chairs.

Play both connects us and gives us a burst of emotional energy. It can break up the heavy pressure of meeting deadlines and hitting your productivity targets. Play is an eruption of joy and a joyful interruption.

Celebrate and make room for spontaneous play at your work. The trick is to be sure play is an occasional interruption of work and not that work is an occasional interruption of play. The latter would be cause to lose your job!

Find an opportunity this week to get playful at work. Bring a playful game to your team meeting. Plan a playful celebration for the end of the week. Get involved in a spontaneous game of trashcan basketball. Whatever it is you do, make sure the purpose is simply to have fun with the people around you.

Let us know what playful fun you had during the week. I’m sure the group would love to be sparked by your playfulness!

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  1. Bill Rice

    Great point, Clare! Too often we forget the benefit of humor and play, as well as the value it brings to all of our relationships — especially those at work where we are prone to take ourselves and situations much too seriously.