Executive Coaching

You will love coaching. You will love widening your vision to see the expansive possibilities and then focusing your vision as you choose your adjacent next. IMG_0950You will love uncovering and celebrating the strengths you possess. You will love achieving growth through personal insight and challenge.

Our Adjacent coaching process starts with a comprehensive executive assessment, which includes personality tests and a 360° evaluation. We believe the more we know about ourselves, the stronger our foundation for growth.

In addition to self-knowledge, you will pursue relentless integrity during your coaching sessions. You will explore answers to the following questions:

  • What is motivating your actions?
  • How are your goals aligned with your values?
  • How are you using your strengths and pursuing your ambitions?

You will use the information gleaned from your executive assessment and from your self-inspection to create a development plan that is fueled by passion and informed by feedback.

IMG_1029Your coach will keep you mindful of the leadership basics – the things great leaders do every day, but sometimes neglect in the busy-ness of deadlines. You will build key leadership skills that will carry you to your leadership ‘next’.

Executive coaching is for anyone aspiring to increase their influence. You and your sphere of influence will be irrepressibly transformed by the Adjacent coaching experience.