Curiosity – the path to getting unstuck

Curiosity – the path to getting unstuck

curiosity“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”

James Stephens

My business partner, Brian, is amazing at seeking and receiving feedback. He constantly reminds me that we need to put together feedback forms and use them at the end of our training sessions. He devours them and carefully gleans information that points to what is working and what can be improved.

I on the other hand, become frozen with fear before reading feedback forms. I know I’m not alone in this fear. As a coach, I help clients initiate and incorporate feedback from 360° evaluations. It’s more common for people to approach the process with trepidation than with eagerness.

I remember receiving feedback during one of my 360° evaluations. My coworkers told me that I make up my mind quickly about whether an idea has merit. Because of this, I fail to listen and value what my colleagues have to offer.

Now this feedback was not exactly surprising to me. I’ve known this about myself for many years. But there is something different about ‘kinda’ knowing it from my own story and ‘really’ knowing it from direct and outside feedback.

It woke me up. I have rarely awakened from ‘kinda’ knowing something.

A woman I coach received devastating feedback from her 360°. According to her peers and direct reports, an area she believed was her greatest strength was, in fact, her weakest area. Hearing this was both painful and enlightening for her. The feeling of being crushed lasted a couple of days. The changes she is making to align her actions with her values are lasting a lifetime.

If you feel stuck or unsure about your performance, engage your curiosity. Do I see myself, or my program or my project, accurately? What am I missing in the story I’ve created?

Once you have engaged the spaciousness of curiosity you are on the path to getting unstuck. If you have some fear about getting feedback, ask someone to help you walk through the process.

I’m curious to hear your stories about receiving feedback. How has that experience been for you?