I am in my professional sweet spot with Adjacent Consulting, where I can help people find or reclaim their; purpose, values, talents, and dreams.  I love connecting to the big picture and embracing change.  This has lead me on many life adventures, personally, professionally, and recreationally.  From working with wilderness research teams and traveling the world to running my own business and being a Dad, I strive to find that hidden potential in people and situations.brian no t-shirt

I do not want to stop at just providing insight and perspective.  Helping clients turn ‘talk’ to ‘walk’, getting results, and making it to that ‘adjacent next’ is what really makes me soar as a consultant and coach.  I am continually fascinated and inspired by the people I work with, and feel absolutely honored to collaborate with them.

An MBA in Sustainable Business gave me two years of training in leadership.  However, the bulk of my learning has been through twenty five years of trial, (and error), leading teams in non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations.  I probably learned the most about leadership teaching high school, and have yet to find a group that is more challenging to manage than thirty teenagers on a Friday afternoon.

Having an inability to slow down, when not working you will find me mentally moving through books and journals or recreationally moving through mountains, rivers, and deserts.  If not asking clients, I will surely be asking family and friends ‘What is our next adventure?’.

Thanks for thinking of me, I hope to share an adventure of productive and unexpected results.

My Professional Skills:

  • Business sustainability
  • Organizational analysis
  • Group facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive assessment
  • Systems thinking
  • Creativity/visionary processing

“Brian is an honest, hard-working, intelligent person with an unwavering faith in sustainability. Oh, and he’s funny, too!”
“Through highs and lows of our project Brian helped us; focus on priorities, work effectively, develop new ideas, and remain positive.  He regularly brought great insight and integrity to our team process.”
“Brian is simply a fantastic guy to work with.”